I believe that psychotherapy can promote meaningful change in your life. Therapy offers a safe container in which you can work through difficult issues with an experienced professional. In our work together, we meet weekly, and begin the process of examining the issues that are troubling you. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic, and I practice from this vantage point, drawing on self-psychology, relational, attachment and psychoanalytic theory. I am also interested in mindfulness practices.

I have experience treating depression, anxiety, mid-life transition, eating disorders, couple and relationship difficulties, parenting concerns, chronic and life-threatening illness, grief and bereavement, trauma, and other psychological issues. I have a special interest in the intersection between creativity and its role in authentic self-expression. Often people feel blocked and unable to put into action what is most meaningful to them. Therapy can help you deepen your connection to yourself and facilitate profound personal growth.

I work with people across the lifespan, from adolescence through older adulthood. I have a diverse practice, and am sensitive to issues related to gender and sexual identity, cultural identity and alternative family concerns.